About Ricco Building Group

Quality Craftsmanship. Innovative Thinking. Personal Integrity.

Get To Know Us

Ricco Builders is a full-service custom renovation builder that serves the greater Bucks County area. Founded on the fundamental belief that customers should never have to compromise their desires, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions, elegant craftsmanship, impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail. This translates into an unprecedented customer experience for you and our own unrivaled reputation for quality.

Owner Daryle Ricco founded the company in 2003 with a single promise to himself and his customers: exceed expectations the first time. This is done through a commitment from the top down. Ricco is not only involved in the development phase of every project, but is also onsite and overseeing the quality of performance in the field. This — and our commitment to utilizing the best quality craftsmen — makes our customer experience exceptional.

Focusing on the customer experience is a simple yet rarely demonstrated concept that goes to the heart of our success — our company is young but is growing because of our results and the satisfaction of our customers.  Our success is a testament to our three core beliefs: quality craftsmanship, innovative thinking and personal integrity.

Custom kitchen renovation in progress

Quality Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on the unique combination of quality and customization we offer every customer. Owner Daryle Ricco is a trained engineer, and he brings that background to every job he works on.  From the most complex projects to the smallest woodworking detail, his ability to think spatially and technically adds tremendous value to any design. Using our years of experience and well-developed creativity, Ricco Builders has the ability to discover exactly what the customer wants and make that concept a reality. No project is too big or too small. We bring the same work ethic and dedication to every job, and this sets us apart. Anyone can claim quality or promise customization. At Ricco Builders, our work speaks for itself.

Innovative Thinking

Daryle Ricco earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. From his days working with a large, renowned construction company overseeing project management and complex scheduling, Ricco’s analytical training and years of building experience bring creativity and cost efficiencies that separate his company from the competition.

Personal Integrity

Ricco Builders has realized continuous growth since its inception, based almost entirely on referrals from customers that appreciate quality work. This is possible only through a company-wide set of values that include personal integrity, pride of work and customer service. It boils down to one business philosophy: customers entrust us with their project and, therefore, we do everything in our power to exceed their expectations.


How Ricco Building Group Works

Our approach at The Ricco Building group is all about FOCUS —

We focus on your needs and expectations

Nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our customers.  We strive to understand your needs by asking questions and listening to what you want to accomplish and why.  Then we develop a plan that fits those needs, focusing throughout the entire project on how to satisfy your goals.

Owner Daryle Ricco focuses on every job

Daryle personally works on each and every project.  Daryle feels that to maintain focus on your work, he needs to be there on-site, getting your feedback and making sure everything is done right the first time.

We focus on the details

As a trained engineer, owner Daryle Ricco lives in the details.  He values the need for a perfect miter, an addition that seamlessly flows from old to new, ensuring what’s behind the finish will stand up to time.  He instills in his team the goal of focusing on making every step, every cut and measurement, and every finishing stroke as perfect as possible – the way only an engineer can.